Breakfast Club

Saturday & Sunday Mornings till early Afternoon!

Order a Bloody Mary for a reduced price of €5 with any of the dishes or add a coffee or tea and get a free refill

Flanagans Breakfast €12.00

  • eggs (fried, poached or scrambled),
  • sausages, bacon, black & white
  • pudding, mushrooms, tomato,
  • fried potatoes, baked beans and toast

Small Breakfast €9.00

  • egg (fried, scrambled or poached),
  • sausage, bacon, beans and toast

Vegetarian Breakfast €12.00

  • eggs, (fried, poached or scrambled),
    vegetarian sausages, tomato & mushrooms,
    beans, home fried potatoes and toast

Mixed Grill €14.00

  • Sausages, bacon, steak and black & white pudding with fried eggs & toast

Breakfast Roll €10.00

  • Freshly baked baguette with sausage, bacon, white pudding & egg

Kid’s Breakfast €7.00

  • Pick any two of the following; chips, beans, sausage, eggs (fried or scrambled), comes with toast

Egg & Bacon Butty €10.00

  • Crispy bacon and two fried eggs on toasted buttered bread with chips

Bacon & Eggs €10.00

  • Irish Bacon and eggs (fried, poached or scrambled) with toast

Smoked Salmon & Eggs €12.00

  • Fried, poached or scrambled, with toast

French Toast €8.50

  • With maple syrup. tastes great with bacon, see below in extras

Waffles €8.50

  • Served with maple syrup or marmalade

Smoothie Bowl €9.00

  • Granola with a mixed berry smoothie, fruits and seeds

Avocado on Toast €12.00

  • Crushed avocado on Flanagans freshly baked brown bread with cherry tomatoes topped with a fried or pouched egg.


  • Sausages €2.00
  • Bacon €2.00
  • Pudding (black & white or choose) €2.00
  • Toast €2.00