Happy Clients

Rohit Arora
Rohit A.
One of the best down and dirty places in town to be. A true pub.
Patrik Dolinar
Patrik D.
Jutta Scherf
Jutta S.
Kev Hofland
Kev H.
Best pub in Vienna. Very good beers ( Brewdog from tap), great atmosphère.
Miki Söderlund
Miki S.
Alina Fadeyeva
Alina F.
hollzmann slavko
hollzmann S.
Great service, a bit crowded, good wings and best Guinness
Lucas Touma
Lucas T.
Conor McInerney
Conor M.
James Cody
James C.
Horst Hllhmr
Horst H.
Wladimir Holovin
Wladimir H.
Пиво вкусное. Но места всегда есть только за баром.
Nikola Josipovic
Nikola J.
True Irish pub in heart of Vienna. Exactly as i like it!
Mustafa Bozbag
Mustafa B.
Rituparna Maji
Rituparna M.
Nice place to hang out with friends and have drinks and snacks. If you are going in a group of 3 or more you can try the party platter.
Marc Steinbüchel
Marc S.
Ferman Abdullah
Ferman A.
Paolo Masera
Paolo M.
Anna Heidlmair
Anna H.
Cooles Pub. Gutes Bier! Sehr empfehlenswert. 🙈
Immer einen Besuch wert!!
Thomas Wallner
Thomas W.
Sehr gutes Bier
Justin Addison
Justin A.
Hophouse Lager and Kilkenny available
Peter Kiss
Peter K.
Philip Hourican
Philip H.
A true taste of Ireland in the most unexpected place. I would go back to Vienna just to have another pint there!
chen abramov
chen A.
Hector j. Martinez Aguilar
Hector j. Martinez A.
Excelente ambiente, muy buenas cervezas me encanto
Dawid B
Dawid B
Super miejsce ! Bardzo miła obsługa ,lokal przyjazny dla psów ! Polecam
Anastasija “Yourptsd”
Anastasija “.
Arman Galicic
Arman G.
Daniel Aigner
Daniel A.
Harald Hofstetter
Harald H.
Herbert Müller
Herbert M.
Giulio Colantoni
Giulio C.
Lorenzo Goglia
Lorenzo G.
Giorgio Guvner
Giorgio G.
Kurt Hoell
Kurt H.
The only pub you can be if you can't be in Ireland and have to stay in Vienna.
Roland Hasil
Roland H.
Tim Appel
Tim A.
Schöner, gemütlicher Pub.
Ravikaran Ahlawat
Ravikaran A.
Andrea M
Andrea M