Happy Clients

Peter Deschmann
Peter D.
Tamara Oberlechner
Tamara O.
Uwe Winkler
Uwe W.
Uri Loya
Uri L.
Dana Bida
Dana B.
Good service, good vibes 😎They have many different beers and even wine with soda
Tiago Campos
Tiago C.
Vincent Bloch
Vincent B.
Minor hiccups but friendly staff. And the food was really excellent
Wolfgang Goedl (WoGo)
Wolfgang Goedl (.
Christopher Bierbaum
Christopher B.
Andreas Andel
Andreas A.
Walter Krupan
Walter K.
Nette Bedienung, typisch irisches Lokal!
Thomas B.
Thomas B.
Andrzej Koch
Andrzej K.
Ich werde diese Pub-Kultur nie verstehen. Aber die Bierauswahl ist gross und macht Freude. Die Bedienungen ist sehr freundlich, aber bevorzugen wenn man sie in englisch anspricht, sehe den Sinn nicht ganz, wenn ich hier in Wien lebe, dann plötzlich in englisch mein Bier zu bestellen, was mir zum Glück keine Mühe macht, aber es mir ein bisschen komisch vorkommt. Wie eingangs erwähnt; die Pub-Kultur außerhalb von Great Britain ist mir fremd. Aber muss auch nicht alles verstehen.
Brad Fagan
Brad F.
Good beer, good food, good service and a good place to watch the rugby
Stefan Hiebaum
Stefan H.
Sehr nette Bar mit vielen Drinks
Milto Miltiadou
Milto M.
Nice cozy pub, nice food and kind stuff. Recommended 🙂
Ken Taylor (KangaAir)
Ken Taylor (.
For a Sunday roast and beer, yes this is the best place be in Vienna.
Ciana Corcoran
Ciana C.
The breakfast here is amazing 😍 very friendly staff as well. I will definitely be back!
Robert Norman Stucki
Robert Norman S.
Toller alter Irish Pub
Nicholas Phillips
Nicholas P.
Friedrich Mark
Friedrich M.
Great pub, nice service.
Nikki McConnell
Nikki M.
irish 39
irish 3.
Great staff,very fast and time for a little chat when it's not packed,went there two nights in a row recently,as they say.....I bought the tshirt
Gyöngyi Orsós
Gyöngyi O.
Eva West
Eva W.
Baku 20002
Baku 2.
Gutes Lockal, Chicken Wings sehr lecker! Preise moderat!
Krzysztof Nosek
Krzysztof N.
Cool place for an evening beer. Not as crowded (and possibly not as cool :)) as the nearby 1516. The staff is very friendly. Toasts are basic, but tasty, and do the job well.
Jordan Daniel
Jordan D.
Excellent Irish pub with good food. I had the beef and Guinness stew with apple crumble. Filled me right up!Staff are friendly and service was prompt, empty glasses regularly taken away and plenty of beers on tap!My only gripe and hence the 4 stars is they have 4 TV screen and they do show Premier league football but they only show one game on all 4 screens. (I didn’t ask but I think it’s because they only have one sky box but plenty of TVs screens). I came to this pub specially because of it’s proximity to something i was going to after the game but had to stream it on my phone. (I don’t support the teams that were being showed)Regardless, excellent pub to spend a few hours in you need a cold one!
Roland Hasil
Roland H.
Fritz Zetik
Fritz Z.
Sean O' Flynn
Sean O' F.
Good pint of Guinness
Ralf Zischka
Ralf Z.
Johann Mothe
Johann M.
Stefan Bintinger
Stefan B.
Marcel Altmann
Marcel A.
What should I say rather than great Irish. Always great food 🤘🏻
Zofia Domyslawska
Zofia D.
Peter Urschitz
Peter U.
ams mobile001
ams M.
Very nice place
Jasper Kettering
Jasper K.
Norbert Lehotzky
Norbert L.
Maximilian Kraus
Maximilian K.
the bar is nicely decorated, the beer selection is alright.the food is nothing special. it is regular bar food.the nachos are a nice starter to share for the evening.
Meggi Kienberger
Meggi K.